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What is King of Duels?

King of Duels is a free-to-play digital TCG (trading card game) focused on using creatures, spells and other means to reduce your opponent's total life to zero. Drawing inspiration from Yugioh and other similar games, King of Duels aims to be a unique playing experience that is still familiar to TCG vets. Unlike most blockchain games, King of Duels is a fully functional game in which players can expect a complete PvP (Player versus Player) experience from day one.

The Play2Earn Experience

King of Duels allows players to own the cards they earn on the Hive blockchain by completing matches, crafting NFTs, and purchasing card packs. These cards are divided into NFT (can be traded) and non-NFT versions (can be crafted into NFTs) that allow players of all types to quickly acquire a competitive deck capable of battling through ranked play without flooding the game's economy with cheap cards.

By purchasing or crafting NFT versions of cards, players accumulate DP (Dueling Points) that represent the base value of their collection. The more DP you collect, the more $KOD you can earn from matches. $KOD is the native Hive token for King of Duels used to purchase card packs and craft non-NFT cards into NFT versions. This two-step process further supports the in-game economy by making players choose between earning more $KOD by amassing DP or taking profit by selling their crafted NFT cards.

Alternative Link: https://kod.up.railway.app/

Oficcial Site: https://www.kingofduels.online/

Discord: https://discord.gg/Sdu8ZuY8BQ

PeakD: https://peakd.com/@kingofduels

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