🎟️$KOD Stake - ticket

How does staking work?

Mainly it is a pool that contains at least 35 tickets available to distribute but this amount is adjustable depending on the participation of the users in the stake up to a total maximum of 70 weekly tickets. this number can increase as the game grows and so does its liquidity.

The most important thing that these tickets have inside, what prizes do they grant?

  • 25% of not awarding any prize

  • 25% chance to grant a non NFT card from the game these cards can then be - crafted to nft

  • 5% nft card

  • 10% $token 500 $BUDS

  • 5% $token 1000 $BUDS

  • 2.5% $token 2500 $BUDS

  • 10% $token 500 $THGAMING

  • 5% $token 1000 $THGAMING

  • 2.5% $token 2500 $THGAMING

  • 1% $token 5000 $THGAMING

  • 1% $token 5000 $BUDS

  • 6% $token KOD a random number between 1 to 200 KOD

  • 2% $token HBD a random number from 0.5$ to 5$

Sections available in the stake:

  • 1 weekly Pool

  • 2 available ticket numbers that you can claim

  • 3 Button to claim the available ticket

  • 4 To deposit KOD in the stake

  • 5 Button to Withdraw all the KOD from the stake cannot be partially withdrawn

  • 6 Your participation in the pool

  • 7 All the players who are in the pool

Rules to participate.

  • You can deposit any day of the week

  • To withdraw you have to complete two conditions, the first is that you can only withdraw on Monday of each week, the second condition is that your deposit has to be locked for 7 days or more. For example, if I deposit 100 kod on Friday, on Sunday I will receive the tickets that correspond to me, but I will not be able to withdraw those 100 kod on Monday, I will be able to withdraw it from next Monday. Your KOD tokens have to be in the stake for 7 days or more to be able to withdraw! You can withdraw the ticket whenever you want, this condition is only for the $KOD token

  • Every Sunday the tickets that correspond to you are delivered according to your participation in the pool

  • the tickets are fractional, that is, you can have 0.1 ticket but you cannot withdraw it, to be able to withdraw the tickets you need integers greater than 0 Example: I have 10.9 Ticket available when I charge it, I only get 10 tickets but I will have 0.9 tickets available

How is participation calculated?

First the total in $KOD of the pool is accumulated. Example: If there are 10 players in, the first player staked 1000 KOD, the rest of the players staked 100 KOD tokens, so we add up all the KODs. 1000 + (100 * 9) = 1900 KOD I accumulate the weekly pool. then the first player put 1000 KOD so the calculation is done ($kod of the player / $kod total of the pool) * amount of ticket to distribute that week (1000/1900) * 35 ticket = 18.42 Ticket did the player win, how much did the rest of the players win? (100/1900)* 35 = 1.84 tickets each This is how the pool works if you have doubts you can enter the discord and I will solve your doubts or queries

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