King Of Duels

$KOD Distribution

Earning $KOD

At launch, players will be able to earn $KOD through each of the following ways:
● Winning matches "PVP SURVIVAL"
● Advancing through seasonal leagues
● Qualifying for weekly rewards
● Competing in tournaments


Chests are earned through ranked play and by qualifying for weekly rewards. The contents of each chest are scaled to match the league they were earned in (Bronze, Silver, Gold, etc.) and provide non-NFT cards, $KOD and/or Talismans. The number of chests received will be scaled to match the tier within each league they were earned in.
To get this reward, you have to be bronze 3 and up. It would work like this the chests won by league
bronze 3 will win 1 bronze chest
bronze 2 will win 2 bronze chests
bronze 1 will win 3 bronze chests
silver 5 will win 4 bronze chests
silver 4 will win 4 bronze and 1 silver chest
silver 3 will win 4 bronze and 2 silver chests
so the higher you get in the rank the better chests and in greater quantity.
All chests have non-NFT cards and a talisman or KOD token, there are 3 types of chests.
Bronze chests: one non-nft card from common to super rare maximum, and 65% one taslisman and 35% KOD token.
silver chests: one non-nft card from common to ultra rare, and 50% one talisman or 50% KOD token.
gold chests: one non-nft card from common to legendary, and a 35% talisman and a 65% KOD token The better the chest, the more likely you can win the $KOD token.
Wooden Chest: This Chest is awarded every day at 0:0 UTC, by completing the 4-win daily quest

Dueling Points

Each NFT card in a player’s collection provides a set number of DP that contributes to their ability to earn $KOD from chest rewards:
● 1 DP for Commons
● 5 DP for Rares
● 15 DP for Super Rares
● 45 DP or Ultra Rares
● 450 DP for Shiny Super/Ultra Rares
The base formula for chest rewards is a minimum of 1 $KOD up to 9% of your total DP per chest. The chance that the amount of $KOD received is closer to the 9% maximum value will depend on the chest’s rarity.