King Of Duels


Clans Building

On the ranked progression system outlined earlier, Clans will offer players the opportunity to work together in groups of up to 26 players (1 leader, 25 members) to earn various rewards based on the Clan’s overall rank and achievements earned during ranked play. Clans will also have access to Clan-based tournaments that will regularly determine who has become the strongest King of Duels!

Survival Mode

The first alternate game mode players will have access to is Survival Mode, a betting system that requires participants to “ante up” a set amount of $KOD in order to compete. The winner of each game will receive the combined pool of $KOD minus a 10% fee. This fee will contribute towards financing the project. As a high-risk, high-reward environment, players should expect to face some of the most aggressively competitive strategies when preparing to test their own survival skills. If popular, this mode may also be expanded to generate automated tournaments that charge $KOD to enter and divide the resulting $KOD prize pool amongst top performers.

1st Expansion

New game mechanics based on a new type of cards called paladins that will give the game more playability and will be able to generate better games. These paladins include the possibility of playing with the habitat of other cards, in turn a type of energy that allows you to summon them to the field and activate their ability you also need energy, this new type of cards will open up an unlimited range of possibilities. In turn, a card expansion of 40-60 new cards is expected to be released in its next update.