King Of Duels

Ranked Play


When they’re ready to dive into competitive (PvP) play, players will begin their journey in the Bronze League. There are five Leagues overall (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Emerald and Diamond), and each League has five tiers you must progress through (Bronze 5, Bronze 4, Bronze 3, Bronze 2, Bronze 1) before advancing to the next league (i.e. Bronze 1 to Silver 5). The goal is to create an ELO rating system that spreads players out across a competitive spectruce to ensure fair and balanced matches which are more likely to occur than not. Only a few tiers and leagues will be available at launch, but more will be added as the player base expands until the full range is unlocked.
After diamond 1, points will begin to accumulate, the player with the most points will be the King of Duels in the current season and there will only be 1 per season.

Weekly Rewards

Players will have a daily mission to complete, this mission consists of winning 4 daily games to be able to get the chests on Sunday depending on their rank. This daily mission will surely be temporary, then it will be done by weekly victories so that each player distributes their time better, this measurement of the 4 daily victories is taken to guarantee that there are games available every day.
This daily mission will surely be temporary as it is a measure taken to guarantee that there are games available every day, in the future it will be done by weekly victories so that each player distributes their time better
To get this reward, you would have to be at least Bronze 3. Chests won at each league will work like this:
Bronze 3 will win 1 bronze chest
Bronze 2 will win 2 bronze chests
Bronze 1 will win 3 bronze chests
Silver 5 will win 4 bronze chests
Silver 4 will win 4 bronze and 1 silver chest
Silver 3 will win 4 bronze and 2 silver chests
And so on, this basically means that reaching a higher rank will get you better chests and in greater quantity
Weekly rewards are based on your rank at the time Sunday rewards are calculated and will provide $KOD, crafting materials and non-NFT cards. Any $KOD earned through weekly ranked rewards can be freely withdrawn or spent in-game.


Every month, a new season of ranked play will begin and players will drop three tiers based on their final rank at the end of the previous season.
For example:
● Bronze 1 => Bronze 4
● Gold 5 => Silver 3
●Diamond 1 => Diamond 4
This is intended to promote regular play without overly punishing players that need to take a break for whatever reason. (Note: The final weekly reward will be based on your rank prior to dropping rank for the next season.)
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