Current Partners

In an effort to bridge communities and support the overall Hive ecosystem, King of Duels will be actively working towards collaborating with other tribes and communities within Hive. To help launch KoD, we’ve partnered with Hashkings (https://peakd.com/@hashkings/) and THGaming (https://peakd.com/@thgaming) to offer members of each community unique opportunities within KoD.

Using $BUDS

Players can currently spend $BUDS, a Hive token earned through the Hashkings game, to purchase unique items. avatars and emojis to use within the game. We will periodically add additional perks and rewards for being a part of both games, so keep your eyes peeled for new ways to use $BUDS!


We have collaborated with THGaming to create the Minthagg Promo Pack. This bundle can only be purchased with $THGAMING and will contain the following:

● 1 exclusive THGAMING NFT

● 1x Avatar not nft exclusive of THGAMING

● 5 non-NFT cards

Hasking will also have an exclusive card in BUDS.

The prices are not currently defined but they will cost around $4 in the respective community token, they will have a maximum limit of 200 copies so take advantage before they run out.

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