๐Ÿ‘คAbout Us

Who Am I?

My name is Jose Juarez, I live in Argentina and I'm known in the Hive community as "Lavino". I am a web developer with approximately 4 years of experience and am currently a student at the UBA in the Faculty of Economics.

I am a systems engineer, I complemented my education with advanced web development and blockchain development courses.

Why King of Duels?

Iโ€™ve been fascinated by the world of video games and card games such as Magic: the Gathering and Yugioh since I was very young. Blockchain gaming currently lacks a digital TCG in the crypto space with the kinds of card mechanics I grew up enjoying, so King of Duels is intended to fill that gap. I know there are many like me that enjoy the style of gameplay earlier TCGโ€™s offer, and I hope to help others โ€œscratch an itchโ€ that isnโ€™t readily available in the play2earn space.

KOD combines the blockchain and a long-term economy with the best of TCG games in a very fun game, which seeks to reward both skill and investment of its players.

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