A Winning Strategy

A typical game of King of Duels takes place between two players who take turns playing cards from their hand on the board either to mount an attack or prepare their defenses. With more than 120 different cards available at launch, players will have multiple options to build a deck of 20-30 cards to play. Winning strategies will not only involve selecting cards that synergize well with each other, but will also require knowing how to place your cards and when to trigger your tactical plays.


For those unfamiliar with traditional TCG’s, certain words known as Keywords are used on multiple cards to quickly identify certain gameplay mechanics. If you’ve played other TCG’s, games often use different Keywords to indicate similar mechanics. To make sure you understand how KoD refers to certain actions, here are some common keywords you should know about:

Deploy: Place a Creature, Hero or Champion from your hand face-up on the board or flip a face-down Hidden card face-up.

Promote: Deploy a Hero or Champion by replacing one or more friendly Deployed cards on the board that satisfy its Deploy cost.

Fortified: A horizontally (sideways) placed Deployed or Hidden card. Fortified cards prevent the defending player from being damaged when attacked.

Reinforced: Deploy a special mode card in addition to your normal deployment

Hidden: When Deploying a card, you may Hide it by placing it face-down on the board.

Prepare: Place an ambush or Rune from your hand face-down on the board.

Passive: An effect on a Deployed card that is automatically activated by a specific gameplay situation.

React: Activate an ambush card in response to a specific gameplay situation.

Ability: An effect on a Deployed card that can be manually activated during your turn.

  1. When you click on a card, all the information will appear here

  2. Your life points

  3. Special cards that do not go in the deck, which can be deployed with rune-type cards

  4. Your deck

  5. Space where rune or ambush type cards go

  6. Space where the champions are deployed

  7. Your graveyard

  8. Phase of the game and emojis

  9. It is the rival field, where your opponent plays his cards

  10. Opponent Hit Points

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