What is $KOD?

$KOD is the primary utility and reward token for King of Duels used to purchase card packs and complete most activities within the game. It has a maximum supply of 100,000,000 that will be distributed as follows:

โ— Presale (amount weโ€™re selling before launch) 650000 $KOD

โ— Events (sponsored tournaments, one-off events, etc.)

โ— Ranked (weekly rewards, seasonal rewards)

โ— Marketing (content creators, communities, partnerships)

โ— Salary

The salaries of the team, at the beginning of the game, will be done as little as possible so as not to affect the economy of the game and harm the players.

$KOD Presale

On September 1, King of Duels will start its presale for 650,000 $KOD. This amount will be used exclusively to purchase up to 6,500 NFT Booster Packs before the game launches. This is equivalent to half of the Initial 13,000 NFT booster packs that will be available for sale.

These Booster Packs are split between two pack types that represent the two main deck themes available at launch: Devourer and Samurai. Here is a breakdown of the total number of packages:

โ— 3250 Devourer presale packs

โ— 3250 Samurai presale packs

โ— 3250 Devourer launch packs

โ— 3250 Samura launch packs

The price of the pack will be $2 and contains 3 NFT cards, the initial deck will cost $10 and will have 20 non-nft cards and in return you will get 200 DP, you can only buy the initial deck once.

NFT assets can only be paid with KOD token, the rest can be used with different tokens

You can buy emojis and avatars on BUDS, SWAP.HIVE, KOD. The amount of $KOD in the initial pre-sale may change a little as it would be tied to the actual price of HIVE on the day of the pre-sale.

Buying Packs

After the presale ends and the game launches, new card packs will only be purchasable with $KOD. This means only active players will be able to earn the $KOD needed to purchase new NFT packs, as those playing the game will be the only mean by which additional $KOD is introduced to the economy.

The only alternative to packs are Starter Decks. Each Starter Deck will contain 20 non-NFT cards that can be purchased only once for either $KOD or $SWAP.HIVE. Roughly half of the total cards available at launch will be available through each of the first two pack types, but additional cards will be added over time through future expansions. These cards will come in the following rarities: Common, Rare, Super Rare and Ultra Rare. Super/Ultra Rare cards will have an additional Shiny card variant with alternative art and a greater DP bonus.

Crafting NFTs

As an alternative to buying NFT cards outright, players will receive non-NFT versions of cards by playing matches and progressing through ranked play. These cards can eventually become NFT versions that can be exchanged and will provide DP. To create an NFT card, players must acquire three non-NFT copies of the card and three identical copies of Talismans received in chests earned by playing the game. Once acquired, a certain amount of $KOD can be burned to craft the card, this amount will depend on the card rarity.

Soon there will be a NFT fusion that will burn the NFTs and you will burn the $FUSION token to have a chance to get shiny NFT cards that greatly increase your DP

Crafting costs will be modified depending on the price in the market, this is to make the crafting system and the KOD token burning more attractive.

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