King Of Duels

Card Types


They are all the cards that have power and resistance statistics and that can attack or defend themselves. These are divided into two categories, which are Heroes: cards with abilities and Creatures: cards without abilities


Being the most basic form of Deployable card, Creatures will typically only have stats without a Passive or Ability. These cards will often be used to deploy Heroes and Champions by “sacrificing” the chosen Creature(s) to Promote them into the newly Deployed card.


Unlike Creatures, Heroes will almost always have a Passive or Ability in addition to their stats. While not every Hero will be deployed by Promoting another card, more Heroes than Creatures will need to be Deployed through Promotion.


Being some of the strongest deployable cards in the game, most champions will need to be deployed via promo and will typically have passives and/or abilities. These cards will often serve as theme enablers or gain conditions within a deck thanks to the above-average power they bring to the board. These cards will be implemented with the habitat or kingdom and to be able to deploy it requires energy. Currently this card is not yet implemented but soon they will be available to use.


Ambush cards must be Prepared before they can take effect or React to a specific circumstance or situation in any subsequent turn. While most will have combat-related effects, some will also defend against non-combat attack. actions such as force discard effects or card promotions.


Rune cards can be played directly from a player’s hand during their turn, but they don’t React to gameplay situations like Defenses do if Prepared. Once Prepared, players can activate Runes as needed during their turn(s) to achieve a wide variety of effects.
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